10 Things Ninja Can’t Live Without | GQ

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Madxra - 3 ساعات قبل
He can’t live without internet for sure he’s addicted
Dwop - 6 ساعات قبل
Who else thought this dude was gonna bring his whole pc😂
Sailaja Mishra
Sailaja Mishra - 6 ساعات قبل
I am 13 and my size is 12 .Anyone else like me?
Jose Tadeo Leal
Jose Tadeo Leal - 13 ساعات قبل
Ninja is mean but ok
Poob - 16 ساعات قبل
*Ninja is a walking tampon.*
Officer Earl
Officer Earl - 17 ساعات قبل
10 things Ninja can’t live without
Epic not banning icey5
nano - 18 ساعات قبل
Michael Miele
Michael Miele - أيام قبل
His hair looks like a dome
Mlgamer21 - أيام قبل
Res bull coconut edition
King Caleb
King Caleb - أيام قبل
This is what I destroy my enemies in fortnite with
Tx. Hunter
Tx. Hunter - أيام قبل
Of course energy drinks and mouse
Rocco Paridisi
Rocco Paridisi - أيام قبل
He can’t live without subscribers
Xx-BrenRugg-xX - أيام قبل
10 things ninja rages about
Stream snipers
stream snipers
not getting attention
stream snipers ....
you know the rest
Good Meme
Good Meme - 2 أيام قبل
Ninja should have said that his number one thing that he can live with out is his wife Jessica but obviously electronics comes first for this hoe
LilComeinClutch - 2 أيام قبل
Yelling at children
Eclipse ꧂ 0214
Eclipse ꧂ 0214 - 2 أيام قبل
*ligma pills*
Gacha Of life
Gacha Of life - 3 أيام قبل
Things ninja can’t stop, cussing and screaming
Air_ Dope
Air_ Dope - 4 أيام قبل
HE needs a gaming mouse but not a pc xd
Herby Henrhiel Ko kam
Herby Henrhiel Ko kam - 4 أيام قبل
Important question ninja. Does ninja have baby?
Zynther - 4 أيام قبل
Why isn’t his wedding ring #1? Dafuq
ItsBanks1 - 4 أيام قبل
Barely any advertising in this video. Stop crying.
Will Taylor
Will Taylor - 4 أيام قبل
Don’t forget ninja underwear
Haise Sasaki
Haise Sasaki - 5 أيام قبل
His wife is using him no cap.
Lawyan Omer
Lawyan Omer - 5 أيام قبل
2:31 bruv how are those nice?
ITR Drizzyツ
ITR Drizzyツ - 5 أيام قبل
What about ur report player button
Scorpion Squad
Scorpion Squad - 5 أيام قبل
1:13 get ready for the amazing I brow movement😂
keshia monique
keshia monique - 5 أيام قبل
can I be in a game with you
FaZe BENAMIN and BG - 6 أيام قبل
Ninja is a great gamer
Connor theAmazing
Connor theAmazing - 6 أيام قبل
Ninja can't live without minecraft
ASV0181 ASV - 6 أيام قبل
Ninjas broken
Msemoch1 - 6 أيام قبل
Binja Bortnite
SC Bassin
SC Bassin - 6 أيام قبل
This is a disgusting lifestyle and it's horrible for his health
Dallas Robertson
Dallas Robertson - 7 أيام قبل
Ninja just CANT live without YOU subbing with twitch prime
Mr. Unknown 21
Mr. Unknown 21 - 8 أيام قبل
Is it just me but at 1:40 when Ninja says literally he says it really fast
Jenny Guerra
Jenny Guerra - 8 أيام قبل
Hate ninja
Jef Pokanau
Jef Pokanau - 8 أيام قبل
D0G3 - 8 أيام قبل
Where's that he can't live without fortnite?
Grey /Ya boy
Grey /Ya boy - 8 أيام قبل
Normal: I need food air water and family/Freinds
Grey /Ya boy
Grey /Ya boy - 7 أيام قبل
Liquidty okay i don’t watch most of these type of videos
Liquidty - 7 أيام قبل
Grey /Ya boy they are suppose to say stuff that are interesting not obvious stuff like air, food, water, etc
Youssef Elsherbiny
Youssef Elsherbiny - 8 أيام قبل
Why wasn't underwear essential
Notorius Juan
Notorius Juan - 8 أيام قبل
Ninja is stuck ..
Watermelon Artist
Watermelon Artist - 8 أيام قبل
2:19 I can relate I hate jeans
ADRYOJ Martinez
ADRYOJ Martinez - 9 أيام قبل
How many kids are gonna be using his ahair paste now
Luke Gray
Luke Gray - 9 أيام قبل
Even when ninjas wife is sick fortnite is priority
I am Kxd3n
I am Kxd3n - 9 أيام قبل
Wait, he actually does his hair like that?
Dylan Donald
Dylan Donald - 9 أيام قبل
Ninja friend request me Fireball0042
Oxy - 10 أيام قبل
I don't know if people still memeing ninja reporting a stream sniper are serious or not, not only it happened months ago but you people don't understand, imagine streaming to 1000s upon 1000s of viewers, some people hate you and are jealous of you and some people love and support you but you can only imagine the amount of kids trying to constintly get in his game over and over just to get the chance to kill him and get his reaction for clout. It's disgusting how big of an issue this is for streamers even smaller streamer with only a couple 100 it's still bad, imagine someone as big as ninja. But of course when Tfue complains about stream snipers nobody says anything yet Tfue complains about streamer snipers every game which I don't blame him because people really do stream snipe him, 100s of people attempt to stream snipe tfue and ninja, and ninja reported 1 stream sniper and got him banned that for everyone's information maybe he wasn't stream sniping him that game but that guy has been stream sniping ninja for a long time and deserved that ban well. Now Ninja can't mention the word stream sniper or everyone memes him. You guys should rly try seeing what's it like to stream to over 40k people live while playing pubs, i'm sure you'll have loads of fun doing so.
U10CRA - 10 أيام قبل
Ninja: Samsung galaxy note 9
D J - 11 أيام قبل
I’m just gonna like my comment to get everything movinf
1000 subscribers without any video challange
He obviously forgot about the "report button..."
Admiral General Aladeen Of The Republic of Wadiya
I know he’s married but he is a complete virgin!
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