Ken Jeong Breaks Down His Most Iconic Characters | GQ

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Schadowization Productions
Schadowization Productions - 23 ساعات قبل
blöder wixeeeeeer
Will Mac
Will Mac - أيام قبل
I can't believe Mr. Chow is a completely rational man with a medical degree and yet, I totally get it now.
MightyAedz - 2 أيام قبل
I really hope they do Pygmy - Chuck Pahlaniuck with Ken Jeong in mind
Rachel Melanie
Rachel Melanie - 3 أيام قبل
I love how the comments are so wholesome I hope Ken sees the comment section. ✨
CHURCH KYLO REN - 4 أيام قبل
The Hangover Part 1 2 and 3
Despicable Me 1 and 2
Transformers Dark of the Moon
Big Momma's House like Father Like Son
Two and a Half Men
Windows 98
Windows 98 - 5 أيام قبل
Jason Seagull
Joe-Lou - 8 أيام قبل
the joke at @9:19 Hilarious!
Caira Senpai
Caira Senpai - 8 أيام قبل
Erin Bear
Erin Bear - 10 أيام قبل
1000th comment
marvel 1994
marvel 1994 - 12 أيام قبل
He is in avengers endgame
Dead Gamer_69
Dead Gamer_69 - 12 أيام قبل
Was he the doctor form two and half men
KornFan420 - 13 أيام قبل
Role Models is such an underrated movie.
Marky Mark
Marky Mark - 15 أيام قبل
You can never not love this man. HE IS AMAZING!
Anel - 16 أيام قبل
Just so weird to see him so calm lol
BennettDOE - 16 أيام قبل
Little annoyed about how little he talked about Community. That show was a big part of my life.
Antoni Gates
Antoni Gates - 20 أيام قبل
Loved Role Models; didn’t get enough credit.
David Olah
David Olah - 20 أيام قبل
The Hangover scene when he jumps out of the trunk is one of the funniest things to ever be in film.
Brice Niyibizi
Brice Niyibizi - 26 أيام قبل
How haven't y'all done Sylvester Stallone yet?
Daniel Taylor
Daniel Taylor - 28 أيام قبل
Tr Hof
Tr Hof - 29 أيام قبل
Mr.Chow was my favorite character of the hangover movies! I liked #2 just because there was more Mr Chow...
Aaron Ruesch
Aaron Ruesch - 29 أيام قبل
You never had formal acting training? Big surprise.
JacksonvilleCannabisClub JCC
JacksonvilleCannabisClub JCC - أشهر قبل
the best!!!
Gallivanter - أشهر قبل
Chow so cold!
lordomegazero - أشهر قبل
and he apears in avengers end game O_O
J V - أشهر قبل
Anyone else on a Ken Jeong video marathon??
Jeff Cavanaugh
Jeff Cavanaugh - أشهر قبل
The Crazy Rich Asian series is honestly so beautiful
Jeff Cavanaugh
Jeff Cavanaugh - أشهر قبل
“6 seasons and still waiting on that movie”
Us too Chang. Us too. //:
GG xox
GG xox - أشهر قبل
Being a comedian be like.
The life interesting my friends....
It's interesting...
Sterling Williams
Sterling Williams - أشهر قبل
Luv this Dude! #KENROCKS 💯🙌🏻⚡️💪🏻💥👏🏻
J Bang
J Bang - أشهر قبل
American version of mask singer 😪😪
Darth Jar-Jar
Darth Jar-Jar - أشهر قبل
Was he in endgame?
Olivia Howard
Olivia Howard - أشهر قبل
He'll always be a spanish 101 teacher to me
Shifty FlipFlaps Supreme
Shifty FlipFlaps Supreme - أشهر قبل
10/10 would bang
Most Theatrical
Most Theatrical - أشهر قبل
Did Ken just say, "Steve Carell is one of my favorite ACTRESS of all time."
Kenneth Nielsen
Kenneth Nielsen - أشهر قبل
It’s suddenly weird seeing him acting like this
A dingo stole my meme
A dingo stole my meme - أشهر قبل
It's not a satchel,it's a purse mmmkay?
Richard Wicks
Richard Wicks - أشهر قبل
You cannot scrute a Chinaman
TJ Carney
TJ Carney - أشهر قبل
One of my favorite actors ever such an awesome man
Sarah F
Sarah F - أشهر قبل
ken jeong was the only thing that made the masked singer watchable
Sarah F
Sarah F - أشهر قبل
Killabee-23 - أشهر قبل
Seems like a very down to earth dude. Would love to hang out with him and try some improv. I bet it would be a blast!
Chasp - أشهر قبل
The hangover is the best
Mickey Dangerez
Mickey Dangerez - أشهر قبل
The living meme...
[message deleted]
[message deleted] - أشهر قبل
He said he can’t show me but he has a gun
Michael Scuwn
Tyson Gilbert
Tyson Gilbert - أشهر قبل
We need to stop Open area networking and divert to more popular private sectoring like skin while retaining satellites before we get in Angel wars
Tyson Gilbert
Tyson Gilbert - أشهر قبل
That was such a fun Jesus song to fly jump with. That was just VH1 lol
Tyson Gilbert
Tyson Gilbert - أشهر قبل
They are huge.
Tyson Gilbert
Tyson Gilbert - أشهر قبل
Oh yeah, you wanted to be super dad before I got out of Supe, errr Tyson into Sammy. That's what it's like to check on the model with a new major city every day day for 50 days lol.
Tyson Gilbert
Tyson Gilbert - أشهر قبل
....0_O Shi......
Jason Smith
Jason Smith - أشهر قبل
Lol he’s full of himself. Good for him
M0RALES i - أشهر قبل
6 seasons and a movie
delarashafii - أشهر قبل
Love Role Models, and loved the role 🤣
Junecat - أشهر قبل
I can't believe he was in Role Models, I've watched that film over and over in the years. I'm also pretty sure he was in Pineapple express (One of the Asian gang members) still watching the video.
James  Bishop
James Bishop - أشهر قبل
“Season 9 & still waiting for that movie” had me rotfl
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